Through training, lectures or counseling Attramera helps companies, organizations and people
 to attract more, create social media growth and implement career changes.

Located in Sweden - services available worldwide - since 2017.

-You learn modern marketing and how to make "social videos" with your mobile phone.
-You get methods and know-how that increase your marketing actions and results.
-You get tools and coaching for your leadership and your career development ("the Swedish way").
-You get a creative and inspiring, helpful push out of your "I’m stuck position". 

-Your grow your personal brand and become more courageous and dare more. 
-You expose your services, your products and yourself more confident on social media. 
-You become a better media creator. 
-You attract more candidates, customers, visitors, followers, assignments, or a new job.

Today. Don’t wait, contact me today. The most common feedback I get:
- "Why did I wait ...?
- "Imagine if I had known all this a few years ago".
- "I understood that you were good but not that you were SO good!".

I'll give you a modern view on marketing, communication, social media, personal branding, and leadership.
This is verified by managers, marketers, and communicators. My goal is for all my clients to be given a high "return of investment value".



45-60 minutes, unlimited number of participants, on-line, can be tailored for target group. 
"Marketing with (mobile) film" Market yourself, your products & services with video. Create your own "social videos".
"New job with video". How to be discovered by recruiters and employers with five types of videos.
"Enter personal brand on the sat-nav". For young people, inspiration about job, careers, life, and social media. 
"How I got a quarter milion followers on TikTok”. About short time videos, youth culture, branding, dating and the world largest plattform. 



Inspiring and know-how education that makes a difference, which shows that we all are marketers who can create our own video content, in a fast, easy, and cheap way. You’ll get lots of concrete video tips, how to make your videos viewer-friendly and how to edit your videos on a mobile phone. After the course you are ready to market yourself with mobile videos. Focus is on the business benefits with mobile film and it's for everyone who wants to get started, learn more and work with mobile video. Over 2000 people have taken this course, which averages 9/ 10 in feedback.

4 hours, unlimited participants.
Social video: Purpose, methods, marketing, etc.
Pre-production: Idea, script, dramaturgy, etc.
Production: Image, sound, light, equipment, etc.
Post-Production: Editing, apps, etc.


This course provides useful strategies and modern methods for succeeding with a personal change in the labor market, towards an internship, a new job or a major career change. I focus on networking opportunities, how personal marketing works, plus a lot of useful ways how to attract a job in a modern way. Focusing on networking, video and social media.

Each part can be ordered as a single 60 min lecture.
Part 1: The (Swedish) recruitment process: Understand the recruiters' perspectiveand you know better what to do.
Part 2: Marketing: How to market your skills on social media and look for jobs with five types of videos.
Part 3: Networking & LinkedIn: Job search, personal LI-profiles, search functions, etc.


Creative coaching and guidance, focusing on ideas and scripts, motivation, and support, tailored to your personal needs of you becoming an authentic and brave creator. For those who wants to invest in their career within social media, video, and building a authentic (personal) brand.


Born 1971, a leader, inspirer, an educated filmmaker and coach who loves film, social media, comunication and marketing.  Always passionate about inspiring, guiding, educating, and helping others to grow and develop.
Describes myself as creative, brave, energetic, service- and results-orientated.

+15 years of experience in film, TV and video.
+20 years of experience in jobs, career, person marketing and staffing and
+10 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, change management and sales.
In short, my wide experience is my biggest USP.
The skills and know-how from these worlds, industries, companies, and organizations make me an experienced, knowledgeable, creative, solution-focused advisor and lecturer.

I also thrive in front of the camera, I live as I teach, and I make about 400 mobile videos a year. I like to expose my own creativity on TikTok (about 300,000 followers) and I make various professional and service videos for additional channels (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook).

I have a strong coaching ability, coached over 1600 people, the last 5 years primary leaders/ managers,
which has led to both personal and business development for my customers.