Do you want to build stronger teams, communicate smarter, increase your results and understand how we all can work together despite our different personal behaviours?

Then you need to contact me for personal DISC analysis, DISC workshops and DISC lectures.

Since 2006 I’ve used the Extended DISC® personality analyses both internally (my workplaces) and externally for companies and organisations and I’ve seen what major positive changes the tool

The DISC analysis is not a purely psychological tool – it’s mainly a management tool to increase efficiency and create reflections and discussions in an organization. Its main purpose is to increase the understanding of human behavior; our own and others.DISC theory-based tools have been recognized by many reputable institutions, such as the British Psychological Society, as reliable.

In summary:
- The Extended DISC model is used to observe and analyse behaviour and communication style.
- Extended DISC does not analyze personalities, values, skills or experiences
- Does not classify people as good or bad
- Does not limit the person's ability to develop
- Does not give high or low scores or classify people as better or worse
- Does not measure intelligence or professional skills
- All individuals have different strengths and areas of development
- Our behavioral style does not stand in the way of either our success or our development. It just shows HOW we tend to do.

It is important to emphasize that Extended DISC analyzes are not a test. The Extended DISC analysis should be used as a basis for reflection and conversation. Not as a measurement.

With Extended DISC Personanalysis, we can shed light on the following areas:
- which things can increase or decrease motivation
- which situations can cause pressure in the respondent/ team and how they react to pressure
- why certain situations require more energy from the respondent than others
- highlighting differences in communication.

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