Open lectures and workshops will be presented here. 
Most of my work is for companies and organisations and right now I cant offer any open session but stay tuned (or book me), opportunities will come.

E-mail if you want to book me. 


-"Kalle is the best at film and photography and is superb at telling you in an educational way
about everything you need to know and know to succeed in making a film. He also very generously shares all his knowledge." 

-"Good and concrete, inspiring made me want to really start with more videos on social media".
-"Interesting information presented in an engaging way."
-"Fantastically inspiring and educational ⭐️"
-"Great! Easy and informative."
-"Informative, good pace and tips."
-"Superb lecture by Kalle!"
-"Always as rewarding to listen to Kalle Rosensköld. He lowers the threshold to get started with film.
Has previously attended a workshop and since then makes videos for youtube. Incredibly valuable to get this update."
-"Learned a lot! Feeling inspired and have some new steps to take ????????"
-"Good, concrete tips for filming with your mobile phone."
-"Very inspiring to get started!"
-"I dare more these days"
-"After Kalle's course, I love making social videos!"
"Every day my business gets some form of value from Kalle's advice"
"Why didn't I listen to Kalle earlier on!?"
"I finally understand how everything is connected".

BOOKINGS AND QUOTES: - +46725313171

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Rating 9,5: Video Marketing on Social Media, full day course for Tegelmäster March 14
Rating 9,3: Feedback Workshop Hospitality Industry Sjöbo Kommun March 8
Rating 9,1: Career Workshop Helsingborg International Connetction March 5
Rating 9,0: Video Marketing on Social Media, Akademi Båstad.
Rating 9,6: Open fullday course, Malmö, Januari 11 .
Rating 7,8: Social Media, SLU, November 21, 2023
Rating 9,8: Video Marketing on Social Media, Eksjö.nu, October 12, 2023
Rating 9,8: Workshop, Education industry, Sweden, Ocotber 2023
Rating 9,6: Full day course Attraktiva Oskarshamn May 2023
Rating 8,8: Half day course rating from Heimstaden (English lecture))
Rating 9,6: Lunch to lunch, Workshop. Teambuildning. Exakta, Februari
Rating 8,1: Inspriational speach "Give yourself a chance!"
Rating 9,5: Full-day lecture, Båstad, Feb 2023
Rating 9,6: Full-day lecture, Malmö Jan 2023
Rating 8,8: Brenderup, 20 september, Heldagsutbildning "Marknadsföring med [mobil] film"
Rating 9,1: 2 halvdagar, Marknadsföring med mobilfilm, Gotlands Besöksnäring, mars 2022
Rating 9,0: Belysningsbranschen, "Marknadsföring md mobilfilm", december 2021
Rating 8,1: E.ON Halvdags workshop, DISC analys, Oktober 2021
Rating 9,6: Öppen kurs, MINC, Mobil marknadsföring September 2021
Rating 7,6: Serie, 3 föreläsningar om modernt jobbsökande. Nov 2021
Rating 9,5: Mindpark, HBG för kulturarbetare
Rating 9,3: Heldagsutbildning Businessport Staffanstorp, 30/9 2020
Rating 9,5: Egen, öppen utbildning för 8 deltagare, 7 feb i Lund
Rating 9,8: Heldagsutbildning TEPE, 17 juni 2020
Rating 9,4: Trygghetsrådet - TRR, Syd, 26 nov, heldagsutbildning "Söka arbete med Video CV"
Rating 9,6: Familjen Helsingborg, november 2019, heldagsutbildning för 20 st företagare
Rating 8,9: Trelleborgs Kommun, Heldagsutbildning
Rating 9,6: AXIS LUND, Heldagsutbildning
Försäljningsutbildning DISC, Familjen Helsingborg
Rating 9,5: Full day course Peltor
Rating: 10/10! TRR, Helsingborg, Heldagsutbildning film, 25 april
Rating 9,9: Trygghetsrådet, TRR - SYD, 26 mars, "Söka arbete med VideoCV"
Rating 9,8: Familjen Helsingborg, mars 2019
Rating 9,7: Omdömme, Malmö Citysamverkan Mars 2019
Rating 8,9: Handelskammaren, Mars 2019
Rating 9,8: DOIT Ystad, Februari. 
Rating 9,3: DOIT, Ystad januari.
Rating 9,7: Heldagsutbildning Filma med mobilen, Destination Kalmar, 22 jan 2019
Rating 9,5: Halvdags utbildning, Mobil Filmteknik, Sensus 17 jan 2019
Rating 9,7: Employer Branding, Halvdags utbildning på Akademi Båstad 9 jan/ 2019
Rating 9,3: 3 timmars inspirationsföreläsning, Akademi Båstad 22 nov
Utvärdering Familjen Helsingborg 13 nov 2018
Rating 9,6: Gästlärare, Akademi Båstad, 19 nov.
Rating 9,6: Gästlärare Akademi Båstad, okt 2018
Ett svar från TRR oktober 2018
Rating 9,5: Feedback, Unionen, September 2018
Utvärdering från Familjen Helsingborg, våren 2018